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Kobe Camera Strap Wide

Product image 1Kobe Camera Strap Wide
Product image 2Kobe Camera Strap Wide
Product image 3Kobe Camera Strap Wide

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Boh Kay Kobe Strap (Wide Size) 

Fabric information: 

Cotton printed sheeting with red Seigaiha (青海波) design. The Seigaiha or wave is a pattern of layered concentric circles creating arches, symbolic waves or water, representing surges of good luck. It can also signify power an resilience. The wave symbol or motif was originally used in China on ancient maps to depict the sea. In Japan its earliest appearance was around the 6th century. It continued to be used as a symbol on clothing, particularly kimonos, for over a thousand years. Throughout Japan’s design history it has been used on kimonos, ceramic-ware, lacquerware, and later in graphics design.

Product information:

Suitable for: All cameras including but not limited to: SLR, DSLR, Micro 4/3, Bridge, System Cameras with connection eyelets. 
Materials used:  Cotton, Microfiber Leather, Polyester
Overall length: Approx. 150 cm.
Middle section: Approx. 80 cm.
Width:  Approx. 4 cm. 
Connection:  Metal keyring 10 mm.


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