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Yokohama Camera Strap Wide

Product image 1Yokohama Camera Strap Wide
Product image 2Yokohama Camera Strap Wide
Product image 3Yokohama Camera Strap Wide

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Boh Kay Yokohama Strap (Wide Size) 

Fabric information: 

100% Cotton indigo dyed sheeting with the Asanoha pattern. The Asanoha pattern is one of the most popular traditional patterns often seen on Japanese kimono.  Asa-no-ha means: hemp-of-leaf. The regular geometric pattern, though abstract, represents overlapping hemp leaves. In Japan, the wives of merchants would wear it, to bring good fortune to the wearer. Because hemp was known for its rapid growth, the pattern was often used for clothes of newborn children.

Product information:

Suitable for: All cameras including but not limited to: SLR, DSLR, Micro 4/3, Bridge, System Cameras with connection eyelets. 
Materials used:  Cotton, Microfiber Leather, Nylon, Polyester
Overall length: Approx. 150 cm.
Middle section: Approx. 80 cm.
Width:  Approx. 4 cm. 
Connection:  Metal keyring 10 mm.


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