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Camera Repair Services

At our workshop in Barcelona we bring analogue cameras back to life! 
Looking for good cameras, checking and repairing them has been our adventure and passion for years now! At Lomography Embassy Barcelona we have our workshop where we spend our time bringing analogue cameras back to life. If you have a camera that you want to repair, please reach out to us. This is how it works: 
  1. Email us explaining the problem that you encounter with your camera. Please mention the camera brand and type and include your phone number.  Also include some photos of your gear. tienda.bcn@lomography.es 
  2. After receiving your information we will contact you with a preliminary assessment, estimating whether or not we think that we can repair your camera. We will also indicate a time-frame that we see fit for repairing your camera as we work with a waiting list due to heavy demand. 
  3. In case we think that we can repair your camera will will indicate you to purchase one of our Camera Repair Services here.  
  4. Send your camera together with a copy of your Camera Repair Voucher to: LOMOGRAPHY EMBASSY BARCELONA, CARRER D'EN ROSIC 3, 08003, BARCELONA.  
  5. At our workshop we will inspect your gear and get back in touch with you with a proposal of the total cost of the work. In case you accept this proposal we will proceed with the repairs.
Please note that if we are not able to repair your camera or that you do not accept the proposal for the repair works, we do not refund your Camera Repair Voucher. This amount corresponds to the time and effort we spent on opening and assessing your camera.
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