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Q: How do I load the film into my BOHKAY Point and Shoot camera? 

Before you can start taking pictures with your BOHKAY Point & Shoot Camera, you will need to load it with some 35mm film. If you have never done this before, it might pose a challenge. Don't worry, it is not that difficult at all. Please have a look: 

Q: Can I load the BOHKAY Point & Shoot Camera with all film types? 

A: You can load your camera with all types of 35mm film. However, we recommend a versatile ISO 400 Film for your camera. Whether you are shooting under sunny or cloudy conditions, you'll get great results! 

Q: How do I forward the film to the next frame? 

A: After taking a picture with your camera you will need to forward it to the next frame. In case you have any difficulties doing so, please watch the next video: 

Q: How do I achieve sharp focus?

A: Don't worry, the BOHKAY Point & Shoot Camera comes with a fixed focus 28mm lens. It will put everything in focus from 1 meter up to infinity. 

Q: When do I use the flash when taking pictures with my BOHKAY Point & Shoot Camera? 

A: We recommend that you always use the camera's flash when you are shooting inside. Bear in mind that your flash will only illuminate subject in the range of 1-3 meters. 

Q: Why does the flash on my camera go off? 

A: Please note that the flash on the BOHKAY Point & Shoot Camera automatically recharges straight after every flash burst. This way the next photo will automatically be taken with another flash burst! 

Q: What type of batteries does the camera use? 

A: The BOHKAY Point & Shoot Camera needs 1 AA battery to function correctly. 

Q: How do I rewind the film once I have finished shooting? 

A: Once you have finished shooting your film, you will need to rewind it before taking it out of your camera to develop it. Please see the below video for further instructions. 


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