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Beltica I MERITA 2.9/50MM

Product image 1Beltica I MERITA 2.9/50MM
Product image 2Beltica I MERITA 2.9/50MM
Product image 3Beltica I MERITA 2.9/50MM
Product image 4Beltica I MERITA 2.9/50MM

Precio habitual €70.00

c1950. 35mm folding camera. Can be marked as "Belca Baltica", "Beltica", "Mechanik". 


  • Type: folding camera
  • Maker: VEB Belca-Werk Dresden (East Germany, former Balda-Werk)
  • Year of release: 1951
  • Films: 35mm

Lens/shutter combination:

  • Lens: Carl Zeiss Jena "Tessar" 1:2,8/50mm or 1:3,5/50mm or 1:3,5/5cm
  • Shutter: Cludor, speeds 1 - 1/200 sec., aperture down to 1:22
Mechanical Condition
Cosmetic Condition 4/5
Lens Condition

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