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Lomography Fotoclips 110pcs

Product image 1Lomography Fotoclips 110pcs
Product image 2Lomography Fotoclips 110pcs
Product image 3Lomography Fotoclips 110pcs
Product image 4Lomography Fotoclips 110pcs
Product image 5Lomography Fotoclips 110pcs

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Build anything you can think of with your photos- just click them together with the Lomography Photoclips!

Lomography's Fotoclips introduces two new dimensions to photography. Every bag contains clear 2D and orange 3D Fotoclips, empowering you to create unlimited constructions of your own beautiful Lomographs! Build vivid hanging LomoCurtains, robust free-standing LomoCastles, and dazzling mounted LomoMosaics! Used correctly, and in the right dosage, these LomographicMagic widgets will engulf you in astonishment and dramatically change your life.
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