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Deposit your gear for sale

Deposit your gear for sale

Boh Kay offers the possibility to place your analogue photographic equipment in deposit with us so that we can sell it for you in our physical shop as well as online. This is how it works:

  • Email us with a list of gear that you would like to deposit with us for sale. Please only send us equipment that is fully functional. Please include some photos for us to be able to see the material. bohkay@mybohkay.com
  • After receiving your information we will contact you with a preliminary estimate of the value as we see fit for its sale. If you agree to the offer you can ship your gear to our shop where we will revise and inspect it. 
  • At our workshop we will inspect your gear. We will confirm to you that your gear is good to be put on sale or that we might find it necessary to do a Clean Lubricate Adjust (CLA). We do this to ensure the quality of the products that we offer online to our customers. In case we deem necessary, a CLA has a cost of 40 Euros.
  • After making sure your gear is in top condition, we will take professional photographs (free of charge) for its promotion and its placement online.
  • We hopefully sell your gear as soon as possible

Boh Kay charges a sales commission upon selling your product via either our physical shop or via our online platform. 

At all times you remain free to withdraw your product from its deposit and we will send it back to you within 2-5 working days. Shipping cost are assumed by the depositor. 

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