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Quick Tips & Tricks for your Analogue Camera

Based on our experience there are a couple of unforeseen difficulties that you might encounter when you first start using analogue cameras. We have listed a just couple of these problems here for you and would like to give some quick advise before giving up on your camera too soon!

“The light meter on my camera does not work”
“The shutter mechanism doesn’t appear to be working”
“My developed film appears to be all black”
  1. Check if your camera uses batteries and in case so if your batteries are charged.
  1. Look for the camera manual for your specific type of camera online. For example on www.butkus.org. There are many cameras for which you have to activate a specific mode or function for it to work properly.
  1. Some models only allow you to take pictures when the camera is loaded with film, please check if this is the case for your specific camera. This goes specifically for a lot of older model cameras.
  1. Sometimes it is as simple as looking for the on/off button. Don’t laugh as sometimes these buttons can be quite tricky to find.

“There are batteries in my camera but it does not work properly”

  1. Some type of batteries, even if they have never been used, stop working after prolonged period of times. Please try one more time with completely new batteries.
  1. Check the contacts of your battery compartment. Clean the contacts, thread and cap with an alcohol swab, even it looks clean. 

Might the above not solve the problem for your camera problems, please get in touch with and we can hopefully help you through our camera repair service.

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