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Welcome to Boh Kay

Welcome to the webshop of Boh Kay. We are pleased to present you with photographic film equipment from all over the world. Over the years we have gathered expertise and specialised predominantly in  mechanical equipment, but we also offer first class point-and-shoot and more professional analogue cameras.

35mm Cameras

The Analogue revival

If you like us feel nostalgic about holding printed photos in your hands, you might understand why photographers are eager to relive a time before the instant gratification of the smartphone selfie.

Film photography is more than the grain...

It is an experience.

From acquiring the first film camera to seeing the first photograph, there are fundamental differences in how things are done as compared to digital photography.

Film grain

vs. Pixels...

“It is crucial to understand the aesthetic nature involved in the organic way that grain populates a piece of film or photographic paper, and how it differs from the ordered way that pixels work in a digital image. 

Film Boost

Smart move for photographers.

With more photographers getting into film, film sales are seeing significant spikes. For photographers, paper prints are also smart business. “If you shoot on film and print with chemistry and paper, the object you create is much more valuable in the marketplace". 

Lomography Art Lenses

The Analogue Experience

While film photography might make the process a little slower, the experience is definitely worth it. Going out for your shoot, preparing your gear and film rolls, skilfully crafting and capturing your photos and the wait afterwards to see the result is in sharp contrast to the digital era.


Digital filters just can’t capture the authenticity you get with film.

Like vinyl, typewriters and other analog tech, film has an enduring, authentic appeal and is making a comeback among professionals and amateurs alike.

become a better photographer

Lean into the constraints of the medium.

Not being able to take thousands and thousands of pictures and see them immediately forces you to be more intentional in the way you photograph.

Develop your own prints

“It’s relatively easy"

The tangibility of processing your own film makes the experience unique. There are kits to get it all done in your own home, which makes the process a lot cheaper. 

Our Collection of Handmade Straps

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