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The idea for our Boh Kay web shop actually originated from our small, analogue only, photography workshop in the "El Born" neighbourhood within the old city centre of Barcelona, Spain. Three friends, Ramon Jimenez, Daniel Freire and Paul van Staalen turning their photography passion into a business, each one of us with different tasks at hand. Ramon in charge of the shop, Daniel of the workshop and Paul always on the lookout for the best cameras.


As a continuation of our shop we started organising photography workshops and expositions and to further develop our camera repair services. We even started producing our own accessories such as camera straps. Now these straps were what eventually lead to the creation of the Boh Kay brand and the first version of this web shop that was focused purely on straps. Currently we offer 20 different designs in 2 different sizes, please check them out!  


A bit further down the line we saw increased demand for our camera repair services and increasing sales of our revised second hand analogue photo cameras. People were spreading the word. We even started to receive international requests through our social media from people in need of repair or wanting to buy a new camera or equipment. This is when we decided to take the site to the next level.


We currently consist of a team of 5 and work our shop in el Born and a separate workshop in Grácia. Our aim is to provide our customers with a wide range of analogue photography equipment, ranging from cameras, lenses, film rolls, chemicals and accessories. We are placing a continuous stream of items and collectibles online for photography enthusiasts all over the world.

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